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Nohr slow brew dripper with filter

By Søren Refsgaard

Fine-mesh coffee dripper, specially developed for pour over coffee brewing directly into the Nohr series serving jug. The filter consists of a fine-mesh sieve that allows only the aromatic freshly brewed coffee to pass through. The dripper is reusable and is used without a paper coffee filter, which makes it kinder to the environment. The Nohr coffee series was designed by Søren Refsgaard and consists of a slow brew coffee dripper, gooseneck kettle, cold brew coffee filter and a glass serving jug. The jug has been designed for use with both the pour-over and cold brew filters. The aim was to create a series for coffee enthusiasts who want the ultimate flavour experience. Brewing good coffee is a craft that requires time and attention – this is underscored by the calm and simplicity of the Nohr series design.

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Designed by: Søren Refsgaard

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