Stelton x Moomin

The Moomins and their friends are a curious bunch of characters that like to explore their surroundings. Their key values include adventure, freedom and respect for nature. Therefore, it seems only natura that Stelton’s assortment corresponds well with these values. The Stelton x Moomins stainless steel To Go cups and drinking bottles can be used again and again – perfect for life on the move. Save resources by bringing your own cup and drinking bottle when you are on the go. 

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Autumn news

This autumn’s Stelton x Moomin collection is characterised by vibrant fashion colours and simple Moomin motifs found in some of the first tales from the marvellous world of the Moomin trolls. 

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The story behind the motifs

The two motifs ‘Moomin present’ and ‘Moomin camping’ originate from the cartoons “Desert Island” and “Family Life”. Both were first printed in the 1950s as daily cartoons in the British newspaper “Evening News”.

The cartoons quickly became a great success and helped pave the way for the further refinement of Tove Jansson’s work. The daily cartoons were based on the wonderful world of the Moomins, with plenty of amusing and wacky stories that can be interpreted on multiple levels. 

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Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson was a multi-talented artist who is mostly remembered as the creator of the Moomins. Her stories about the peace-loving and tolerant Moomins is a global phenomenon and has made her one of the most successful childrens authors of all times.

The island of Klovharun became a haven, passion and a never-ending source of inspiration

There is a surprisingly large number of people who go around dreaming of an island” Tove Jansson wrote. She was among those who got to fulfil their dream.

Jansson’s long life by the sea forms a clear basis for her stories. She spent almost all her summers in Pellinki archipelago in the Gulf of Finland – and preferably moved out there early in the spring each year. For over 20 years she spent several months in the outermost archipelago at the island of Klovharu, with her life partner Tuulikki Pietilä. “The girls”, as the locals would call them, went out to the island in April and usually stayed until September.

The Moomin storie are like love letters dedicated to nature: even the smallest critters and plants are described and illustrated, and the forces of nature are described with respect and grandeur. Those who wish can also interpret deeper meanings from the descriptions of nature.

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The motifs on the Moomin to go cups and bottles come from the story of ”The Moomin-troll and the Magic Hat.” After a violent storm, the Moomin-troll and his friends go for a walk through the Moomin Valley in search of things that the storm has brought into the valley. The Moomin-troll finds a large black hat and takes it home. It turns out that the hat can do many things, among others, it can turn eggshells into clouds that the Moomin-troll and his friends play with all day. 

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The story behind the motifs comes from the book „Stories from Moominvallly“

Moomin-mamma and Moomintroll have searched for the long lost Moominpappa through forest and flood. On their way they have met the little creature Snif.

With great help they finaly find Moominpappa on a branch. He has built a house for them, but is has disappeared in the flood.

After a nice rest they set off to look for the house. At last they find it in a beautiful valley, they decide to name the place the Moominvalley.

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Stelton X Moomin to go cups and drinking bottles are perfect for life on the move, so join the adventurous Moomins and enjoy your favourite drink on the go.

The Moomin trolls, Snufkin, Little My, Sniff and Snork Maiden, have landed on Hatifnatternes island, where they explore the exotic forest in the middle of the island while Moominmamma makes pancakes on the beach.

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Stelton to go cups and drinking bottles are perfect for both hot and cold drinks during a walk-and-talk, when commuting to and from work, shopping, or simply whenever you are on the go.

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