Take your time. Enjoy a moment of calm with your favourite tea or coffee.

Theo is a symbioses of Scandinavian design and Asian culture. Let the Theo collection for tea and coffee stimulate your senses. Combining matt stoneware with glaze and bamboo details, the Theo range’s natural look will bring Scandinavian simplicity to your home.

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The sand-coloured Theo range captures the lightness of Scandinavian nature.

Slow brew

Made in matt sand coloured stoneware the Theo slow brew coffee maker is both rustic and elegant. The collar of heat-insulating silicone provides a good grip, and a lid in bamboo keeps the coffee warm. The Theo pour-over coffee maker has a perfect size for morning coffee for one to two persons or for a small treat during the day.

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For tea lovers

If you love tea, the characteristic teapot will warm your heart as well as your tea. The teapot has a simple and stylish expression that is calming to the eye and lets you relax and be immersed in your own tea ritual.

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Explore Theo in soft sand

"I was inspired by the Asian tea culture in tea houses where time seems to stand still. At the same time I wanted to transfer the ambiance into a Scandinavian style and include coffee rituals. Thus the Theo range was born."

- Francis Cayouette, Designer
French press

If French press coffee is your favourite, the black Theo stoneware jug is a stylish choice that makes your serving stand out. A lid in bamboo gives it a light touch and a special insert makes pouring easy. The black stoneware mugs come with a coaster in bamboo to complement the look.

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Theo awakens your senses

The pour-over coffee maker comes with a dripper for filters that makes sure every cup is tasty and aromatic.  

 The Theo tea pot is large enough for several people and if you enjoy the tea by yourself the teapot warmer will keep the tea hot for long. 

The milk jug and sugar bowl, which can also be used for cookies and macaroons, complete the serving. 

Make your brunch, lunch or five o’clock tea table look stylish with the Theo black stoneware lunch plates and large mugs. They feature raw stoneware on the outside and are glazed on the inside for an elegant expression. 

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Explore the black Theo range
View Theo's design family - Nordic

The Nordic design family is inspired by Nordic landscapes and design values. It represents the Scandinavian way of living with a ’less is more’ attitude.

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