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Figura is the name of Stelton’s new Christmas collection designed by architect and graphic designer Louise Helmersen.
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Autumn news

Get inspired by the Autumn/Winter news from Stelton that includes both line extensions and new designs.
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The Norman Foster Collection

The Norman Foster Design Family brings together simple sculptural form and soft geometry, to create exceptionally crafted tableware for a wide range of settings.
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The gift guide

Explore our gift guide for everyone and for all occasions.
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The perfect bouquet

Most people can arrange a few flowers, but learning a few key techniques will allow you to get much more out of your flowers and control the shape of your bouquet.
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Set the table for Breakfast

Create some warmth for your lunch with a well-spread table, the perfect way to show your guests you’ve made an effort and are looking forward to their company. We have collected some of our best tips for you about setting the table for Breakfast.


An inviting cheeseboard is all about harmony and contrast, giving a treat to all our senses. We have collected a few things to make your food taste even better.

Cylinda-line 50th Anniversary Edition

The 50th anniversary of Cylinda-line is being celebrated with the launch of the well-known seamless, cylindrical forms made from stainless steel and handles made from Bakelite in a 50th anniversary limited edition featuring beautifully coloured enamel.
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Stelton icons

Stelton was founded in 1960. Short after, the awarded design family Cylinda-line was created by Arne Jacobsen. A lot has happened since then but Cylinda-line remains the heart of Stelton’s design DNA. Experience some of Stelton's beautiful design icons through the years.
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The Italian design duo Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri created the Collar collection with coffee aficionados in mind. The Collar collection features an espresso maker, a coffee grinder with jar, a milk jug and a sugar bowl.
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The Emma collection by HolmbäckNordentoft is characterised by its clean, modern lines and innovative combinations of materials such as steel, wood and stoneware.
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Stelton Christmas

Stelton Christmas in brushed brass and clean lines is designed for you to mix and match special items that all exude a stunning soft glow on any Christmas dinner table, home decoration or Christmas tree.
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East meets West in the Theo collection by Francis Cayouette. The designer merges the best from the Asian culture with Danish design, creating a range that is graphic, tactile and full of contrasts.
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Spring news

Explore our Spring news which include the award-winning Emma collection in new nude and terracotta colors, a new Collar teapot, the perfect traveling companions from the new and exclusive Companion collection and much more.
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Peak bonbonniere

Minimalist, elegant and discreet. Peak is an elegant bonbonniere with a brushed brass surface, which will adorn any living room table, bedside table or bookshelf. The design’s tight, consistent line is broken by a spontaneous, playful crest on the bonbonniere’s lid. Awaken your curiosity… Peak is full of surprises.
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The STOCKHOLM collection by Bernadotte & Kylberg is inspired by Stockholm’s archipelago.
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