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Pilastro drinking glasses (6 pcs)

Designer : Francis Cayouette

Design family : CLASSIC


Makes everyday life beautiful

Francis Cayouette is the designer behind the new Pilastro drinking glasses that have a sophisticated and unpretentious aura. Due to the conical shape of the glasses they can be stacked and thereby take up as little space as possible in the cupboard or drawer. Serve your favorite drink in the glass and see how the light plays in the grooved surface of the glass.





H: 11 CM Ø: 8 CM




Machine blown glass

Francis Cayouette

Francis Cayouettes design is characterized by a strong empathy for daily life with a feel for the industrial and functional aspects of design. Francis has designed many different products from home accessories to clever storage units to elegant lifestyle products.
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Classic features designs inspired by the cylindrical shape like the EM77 coffee vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen. Elegant and always functional.
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