Peak bonbonniere MEDIUM
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Peak bonbonniere

Designer : Mikaela Dörfel

Design family : DANISH MODERN 2.0


Stylish, elegant and mysterious

Hide sweet treats, jewellery or keys in this beautiful bonbonniere designed by the internationally renowned designer Mikaela Dörfel. The design’s tight, consistent line is broken by a spontaneous, playful crest on the bonbonniere’s lid. Peak is available in two sizes.





Ø: 13 CM, H: 8,5 CM



Mikaela Dörfel

Mikaela Dörfel and her team have created tableware collections for many international design brands and markets, especially for the hotel and restaurant sector. Peak is her first design for Stelton.
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Danish Modern 2.0

Danish Modern 2.0 is inspired by the golden age of Danish design in the 50’s and 60’s. Every item is a new interpretation of this iconic epoke. Innovative with clean lines.
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