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The Cheeseboard

Original cheese slicer

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Twin serving tray

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Theo Tray

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How to put together a delicious cheeseboard?
A delicious and inviting cheese table is all about harmony and contrast, structure, taste and scent - a treat for all our senses. Also, a delicious cheeseboard is all about variation. A tempting cheeseboard includes cheeses of all colours – white, yellow, blue and red, alongside goat and sheep cheeses. There should also be firm and creamy cheeses. Last but not least, don’t forget mild and characterful cheeses. Make sure to include something sweet, such as fresh fruit, pickled fruit, nuts in honey, etc. Also serve something sour like pickled onion, citrus fruits, something slightly bitter like pickled citrus fruits, and then serve some good bread, e.g. crispbread with lots of seeds and nuts, or some biscuits. Remember to take the cheese out of the fridge well in advance – cold cheese doesn't taste of much.

How much cheese do you need per person?
A rule of thumb says approx. 250g per person if the cheese is served as a main course. If you serve cheese as a dessert, you need approx. 100-150g.


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