Norman Foster
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The Norman
Foster Collection

We are very proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with world-famous British architect Lord Norman Foster for 2018.

The range has an eclectic approach to materiality. From an understated, yet refined set of stainless steel tableware, featuring wine goblets, carafe, bowls, and tray for the evening, to a more informal range of porcelain and glass coffee cups, sugar bowl, thermos and water carafe, the objects are designed for a wide range of settings and purposes.

Norman Foster is Executive Chairman and Founder of Foster + Partners, one of the most influential architectural design firms shaping cities across the world, known for projects such as Reichstag: New German Parliament, The Great Court at the British Museum and the Millau Viaduct.

His designs for the new Stelton range bring together simple sculptural form and soft geometry, to create exceptionally crafted tableware for a wide range of settings. From wine carafes to espresso cups, each object is a response to its specific function, while embodying a shared language.

Norman Foster ice bucket/Champagne cooler

3999 SEK

Elegant serving tray with non-slip coating

2569 SEK

Foster carafe with stopper
1 L

2199 SEK

Foster Carafe

969 SEK

Foster Dish

2999 SEK

Foster Bowl

1999 SEK

Foster tumbler
0,2 L

719 SEK

Foster wine tumbler
0,2 L

719 SEK

Foster tumbler (2 pcs)
0,2 L

449 SEK

Foster Thermobecher
0,2 L

479 SEK

Foster espresso thermo cup (2 pcs)
4 CL.

569 SEK

Foster vacuum jug
1 L

3199 SEK

Foster French press
1 L

3599 SEK

Foster press tea maker
1 L

3599 SEK

Foster milk jug
0,5 L

569 SEK

Foster sugar bowl
Ø 10,5 CM

499 SEK

Foster jug
2 L

2399 SEK

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