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Peter Holmblad (born 1934), previous export manager, CEO and owner of Stelton, is a key figure in Stelton’s history. Between 1963 and 2004, he was responsible for Stelton’s transformation from a production company of common, stainless steel serving dishes and bowls to a well-established and respected design company. Peter Holmblad is also a skilled designer with a strong commercial understanding and an eye for detail. Among other things, Holmblad is the creator of the well-known flower watering can as well as the Original series consisting of the well-known cheese slicer and the perfect bar equipment. Peter Holmblad’s products adhere to the very same design principles that Stelton is known for today: aesthetic, simple and function design.

After completing his commercial degree and a period in West Africa, where he held several managerial positions within shipping, the travel industry and milk processing, the young, 27-year-old Peter Holmblad was hired as export manager for Stelton in 1963. The hire marked a critical change for Stelton, and Peter Holmblad immediately started modernising the company. Stelton was to be synonymous with the concept of “Danish modern”, which meant implementation of a new logo, new packaging and new catalogues in accordance with the most modern principles of the time. He reorganised the sales channels to focus more on export and direct sales, in particular towards the American department stores. The process was a textbook example of effective branding.

However, more had to be done before the dream of being among the elite in the Danish art industry could be achieved. In 1964, after several attempts, Peter Holmblad managed to convince his stepfather, architect Arne Jacobsen, to design a new coffee and tea service in stainless steel. This resulted in the famous Cylinda-line, which won the ID award in 1967. The design collaboration marked the beginning of a new era for Stelton. After Arne Jacobsen's death in 1971, Peter Holmblad engaged the potter Erik Magnussen as a new house designer, and Stelton has since collaborated with a long list of Danish and international designers and architects.

At the end of the 1960s, Peter Holmblad became co-owner of Stelton. Ten years later, he acquired full ownership and remained CEO until 2004, when he sold the company to Michael Ring, who today is the CEO and owner of Stelton.

Original napkin holder

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Original cheese slicer

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Original flower watering can 1,7 L

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