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Core bread tray

Designer : Søren Refsgaard

Design family : CLASSIC


Elegant food serving

The Core bread tray is a modern and functional serving tray for bread and other things, made of glazed stoneware and with a detachable steel grid. The easy-to-clean grid keeps bread crisp, and cools freshly baked bread hot from the oven. The Core bread tray is a beautiful way to serve bread and baked goods at the table and can also be used to serve many other things, such as fruit, cake, salads and more.





Ø: 23 CM H: 23,5

Søren Refsgaard

Søren Refsgaard (1977) graduated from from ”Design Seminariet in Højer, Denmark” in 2003 – later the same year, he established his own design studio in Copenhagen. His work, which is deeply influenced by the Danish design tradition, is mainly focused on lightning, furniture and home accessories.
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Classic features designs inspired by the cylindrical shape like the EM77 coffee vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen. Elegant and always functional.
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