Collar water bottle, 0.75 l 0,75 L
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Collar water bottle, 0.75 l

Designer : Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri

Design family : NORDIC

0,75 L

Stylish design

The Italian design duo Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri has created an elegant water bottle that holds 0.75 l and has the same matt finish as the rest of the stylish Collar collection. The practical screw cap of the water bottle is coated with a brass surface that gives the bottle a modern and exclusive expression.





Ø: 7,5 CM H: 22 CM




Stainless steel coated with Teflon ®

Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri

Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri founded their own design studio in 2010. They work within various fields of design where objects are never considered on their own but as part of a bigger picture.
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Nordic is inspired by the Nordic landscape and design values. It represents the Scandinavian way of living with a "less is more" attitude. Minimalistic and artistic.
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