Wine stopper
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Bottle stopper

Designer :

Design family : NORDIC


The popular Collar series now also includes this clever vacuum bottle stopper. It’s perfect when you want to store wine for the next days, and it works by removing the air from the cavity of the wine bottle with the built-in pumping function. This prevents the wine from being oxidized, and therefore it keeps longer after opening. The Collar bar collection includes a cocktail shaker and an ice bucket, and the full Collar collection a teapot, espresso maker, coffee grinder, tea infuser, milk jug, sugar bowl, water bottle and a thermo bottle.





W: 4 CM, H: 6 CM


Stainless steel with brass coating


Nordic is inspired by the Nordic landscape and design values. It represents the Scandinavian way of living with a "less is more" attitude. Minimalistic and artistic.
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