Big bread bag Dark forest
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Big bread bag

Designer : Klaus Rath

Design family : CLASSIC

Dark forest

Keeps bread fresh and crisp

The brilliant bread bag, designed by Klaus Rath, is still extremely popular, and there are many good reasons for this. The combination of clever design, exciting colours and lots of purposes of use has made the bread bag a bestseller. The bread bag is spacious and easy to use, it can be washed in the washing machine and takes up minimal space in the drawer or cabinet when not in use. Besides bread, it can also be used for storage of small items in the bathroom, children’s room or other places around the home.





H: 21 CM Ø: 23 CM



Klaus Rath

Klaus Rath was born in 1964 and was educated as an industrial designer from the School of Architecture in Århus, Denmark. Among his clients so far have been companies such as GN Netcome, GN Mobile, Modulex and the Danish Social Ministery, working on both, product and graphic design.
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Classic features designs inspired by the cylindrical shape like the EM77 coffee vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen. Elegant and always functional.
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