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Pingo children' s table ware

Designer : Francis Cayouette

Design family : NORSTAAL


Pingo childrens tableware set

With Pingo children’s tableware, the meals become a highlight for any little boy or girl. All parts of the tableware are made of sturdy melamine that can withstand a drop to the floor without breaking. The set is designed in soft shapes with a charming penguin motif and consists of a flat plate, a deep plate and a rounded cup that is good to hold on to for small hands. The penguins can also be found on the Una Pingo stainless steel cutlery for children.






D: 22,18,7,5 CM,H:1,8;5,2;7,5



Francis Cayouette

Francis Cayouettes design is characterized by a strong empathy for daily life with a feel for the industrial and functional aspects of design. Francis has designed many different products from home accessories to clever storage units to elegant lifestyle products.
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Norstaal includes elegant cutlery, serving tools and the award winning Pure Black kitchen knives. Sharp and courageous.
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