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Concave vase

Designer : Søren Refsgaard

Design family : DANISH MODERN 2.0


Beautiful, modern silhouette

The Concave vases boast simple, harmonious and pleasing design, and are beautiful both with and without flowers. The body is made of powder-coated aluminium, while the top is polished stainless steel, creating a contrast and offering the eye an uncluttered transition from flowers to vase.





Ø: 16 CM H: 16,5 CM



Søren Refsgaard

Søren Refsgaard (1977) graduated from from ”Design Seminariet in Højer, Denmark” in 2003 – later the same year, he established his own design studio in Copenhagen. His work, which is deeply influenced by the Danish design tradition, is mainly focused on lightning, furniture and home accessories.
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Danish Modern 2.0

Danish Modern 2.0 is inspired by the golden age of Danish design in the 50’s and 60’s. Every item is a new interpretation of this iconic epoke. Innovative with clean lines.
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