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Aztec Dinner spoon

Designer : Don Wallance

Design family : NORSTAAL


Cutlery with soft, rounded edges

Aztec was designed in 1965 and represents a symbol of delicate, accentuated cutlery form-language. Its carefully rounded edges give a comfortable feeling when placed in ones hand and the thin shafts at the top of the handle give it a sort of unrivaled lightness.





W: 0,4 CM L: 19,5 CM H: 0,2 CM



Don Wallance

Don Wallance (1909 - 1990) was one of the most well known designers in the US for, among other things, his famous cutlery design. He was educated from the New York University and The Design Laboratory in New York. His products are exhibited in MoMA and The Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design in New York.
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Norstaal includes elegant cutlery, serving tools and the award winning Pure Black kitchen knives. Sharp and courageous.
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