Stelton Simply glas
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Simply glass - 0,3 l

Large glasses to balance your daily fluid intake

You need to drink two litres of fluid every day and Stelton?s Simply glass now makes it easy to keep track of the amount. Klaus Rath is the designer ­behind the new glass which holds 0.5 litres. You will therefore quickly ­manage to drink your daily dose - the fresh design and subtle tones will in fact tempt you to grab another glass. The minimalist design matches Simply's 0.3 litre glass and the beautiful carafe in the series. The elegant-yet-robust design adds a decorative touch to any dinner table - and the large glasses are obviously super useful when you are in need of a quick refreshment before heading out the door. They come in a gift box with 4 glasses in turquoise, pink, blue and yellow.


Design (2011): Klaus Rath


Technical data

Materials: Glass

Height: 13,5 cm

Width: 7,5 cm

Art. no.: 701-2


  • Contains 0.5 litre
  • Easy to keep track of the daily consumption of 2 litres
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Beautiful colours in light shades
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