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EM jug with water filterbr>Smoke

Erik Magnussen’s lines have made the frame for Stelton’s design classic, the EM vacuum jug. Now, the jug with the elegant design embraces a new functionality as a water jug with filter. The new jug gives you crisp clean water with reduced carbonate hardness and impurities from the water so you drink better tasting, natural water. Enjoy a glass of clean water without the hassle of dragging heavy bottles of water home from the supermarket. Choose one of the three colours for your water jug, which gives a beautiful colour to the essential water we cannot live with out.


Design (2012): Erik Magnussen


Technical data

Materials: Plastics

Height: 27,5 cm

Diameter: 11 cm

FDA approved

Art. no.: 1310-10


  • Enjoy fresh, clean water with reduced carbonate hardness and impurities
  • Use filtered water for your espresso machine to avoid lime sediment
  • Available in three colours: smoke, aqua and azure
  • Fits with Brita water filter
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